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TriCore TimeWorksPlus

Timekeeping and Attendance Tracking


Cloud-based time and attendance that empowers managers.

Vital tools to manage your employees with precision.

Manage Time

Easy, Cloud-Based Solution

PTO Tracking

Overtime Alerts

Reduce Unscheduled Absences

Track Attendance

Employee Self-Management

Regulatory Compliance Tools

Analyze Staffing Trends

Maximum Supervisor Visability

Simplify Timekeeping

TimeWorksPlus is a cloud-based time and attendance solution that empowers users to operate their teams with maximum efficiency; and their businesses with maximum profitability. TimeWorksPlus provides vital tools and information to run your workforce with smooth precision; anytime, anywhere.

Time and Attendance Made Easy

TimeWorksPlus expedites time tracking so you can spend less time handling payroll. As your employees enter time on their smartphones, or computers; or with one of our plug-and-play time clocks; you’ll dispense with messy time sheets by dumping workforce data directly into your payroll platform.

Strategic Absence Management

Utilize attendance history to discover trends, set notices for violations, automate time-off requests, and measure the overall influence of unscheduled absences. Strategic absence management is vital for staying ahead of the financial effects of last-minute time off.

Empower Staff members

TimeWorks Mobile will furnish your staff members complete freedom to punch in/out and manage time from wherever they are while offering supervisors supreme visibility. you’ll know who’s early, who’s late and who’s absent; and where they were when they clocked in.

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Streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy and higher security.

time and attendance


Automated tools including drag-and-drop functionality, and overtime alerts.

time and attendance


Learn how you can delegate timekeeping and scheduling to associates with mobile access.

Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Discover extra time and hassle-free data imports with advanced payroll integration.